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Preschool Administration and Management

Without a good management plan, your preschool classroom will likely devolve into chaos. If you are a first-time teacher about to start your job in a preschool classroom, you may have some anxiety about classroom management. Though you have had plenty of education and feel that you have the teaching skills to do your job well, classroom management may still be a challenge. The strategies outlined in this lesson will help you in your preschool classroom. Classroom management is a very important aspect of preschool teaching and these strategies will help you implement an effective plan in your own classroom. Starting a preschool or daycare centre can be both a profitable and fulfilling experience. The course aims to guide the beginner on how to start up and operate the business.

 To know the registration requirements in setting up a Preschool or Daycare.
To determine the market potential.
To know the capitalization needed and potential returns.
To learn a Preschool/Daycare operations.
To determine the proper pricing/tuition.
To find out the best strategies for success in this business.
Those who are planning to put up their own Preschool/Daycare/Activity center.

 Introduction to the preschool/daycare business
 Steps in putting up a preschool/daycare (registration & legal requirements)
 Ideal location to put up a preschool/daycare
 Determining potential market
 Considerations in building, structure, required lot area, etc.
 Needed equipment and school supplies
 Hiring the most suitable teachers / staff and salary rates
 Curriculum development
Daily operations and strategies to implement
 Dealing with your competitors
 Marketing your establishment
 Capital needed with cost breakdown
 Costing – tuitions and other sources of income
 Potential return on investment
 Mistakes to avoid in putting up a preschool / daycare
 Sample business plan for a preschool

Preschool Administration and Management: Services
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